Community Services

The Weed Police Department currently has three Community Service Officers (CSOs) on staff. The CSOs play a crucial role in support of our department and are responsible for a variety of duties. Some of the CSO duties include; public nuisance abatement, vehicle abatement, animal control, and crime scene investigation.

The Community Service Officers were responsible for over 3000 incidents in 2010. Much of the officer’s time is devoted to getting property owners to clean up their property or abate other nuisances, such as vehicles, contained on a parcel of property. Nuisance abatements also require locating the property owner sending letters, photographing the nuisance/property, and making personal contact with the owner and/or tenant of the property. Once the contacts are made, the officer works with the owner or tenant to set up a program to have the nuisance abated. 

The officer makes regular checks of the property to make sure the cleanup is being performed. If the tenant/owner fails to take the appropriate action to get the property cleaned up, a citation is issued and a court date is set. If the property is not cleaned up by the court date the officer appears in court and legal action is taken against the owner of the property to require the cleanup of the property or abatement of the nuisance.

They also investigate animal complaints of loose dogs, dog and cat bites, animal cruelty, and respond to calls for any animal in distress including sick or injured wildlife. They will also conduct educational programs and provide advice regarding animal care and wildlife control. A City Pound is maintained by the Community Service Officers who work diligently to locate a home for displaced pets. 

Location:  550 Main Street, Weed, CA 96094

Phone Numbers T: 530-938-5013 F: 530-938-5005

Mailing Address:  P.O.Box 470, Weed, CA 96094

CSO Supervisor: Roxann Anzo, Roxann Anzo E-mail

CSO II/Evidence Technician: Ryan Coates, Ryan Coates E-mail

CSO: Jonathan VanDeWalker, Jonathan VanDeWalkers Email