Sign Permit

What is the purpose of a Sign Permit?

The overall goal of signage is to promote a citywide imagery that encourages a harmony among individual business signage.  The local records of winds require sign structural design to meet the extraordinary conditions for public safety.  The sign permit process provides the review process to implement the enhancement and maintenance of the commercial quality and safety of the community.

How do I apply for a Sign Permit?

Your application may be prepared by a registered architect, registered civil engineer, licensed land surveyor, professional planner, or yourself and submitted to the Planning Department for review.  Your application must include a detailed description of the signage you wish to place on the property, the Assessor’s Parcel Number, and the name and address of the property owner and of the person making the application. Submit the following with your application:

  • Plot plan showing everything that exists on the parcel (buildings and uses, parking area, driveways, well, septic system, setbacks, and lot dimensions) and proposed signage.
  • Plans of the completed proposed sign certified by a registered professional engineer.
  • Evidence that no existing signs will be obscured by the proposed sign.
  • Evidence of sign maintenance.

What happens after I apply?

The Planning Department will review your application and also refer it to various departments within the City who may request that conditions be attached to the approval of your sign permit.  A project planner may visit the site.  Your application is reviewed by the Planning Director and may be recommended to the Planning Commission for approval, approval subject to conditions, or to be denied.  The application is then scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing at which neighbors or other interested persons may appear to support, object, or simply ask questions about your proposal. The Planning Department will announce the meeting by posting the agenda on the city hall bulletin board.

Depending upon the complexity of the project, the final decision may be made by the Planning Commission. Your application may be approved, approved subject to certain conditions (nearly all approvals do have conditions), or denied.

What determines whether my application will be approved?

Based on the information you supply and established criteria, the City determines whether the use you wish to make of your property will be detrimental to the public welfare and safety or injurious, to property or improvements in the neighborhood.

What can I do to give my application the best chance of approval?

  • When planning your project, consider how you can complete it in such away that it harmonizes with its surroundings and does not disrupt the neighborhood such as by obscuring other signs.
  • You must demonstrate that your plan should be approved. When your application is submitted, make sure the most accurate information is provided.
  • Attend hearings so that you can speak for your project and respond to questions posed by those who may be worried about how your request might affect them.

Can I appeal the decision?

During the 5-day appeal period after the Planning Commission’s decision is made, you and any other interested party may appeal the decision to the City Council. Even if your application is approved, you may still appeal any of the conditions that are attached.  The City Council may reverse, set aside, affirm, amend or modify the action of the Planning Commission.

How long does it take to get a Sign Permit?

The entire process takes approximately one to two months from the time you submit a completed application to the day of the hearing by the Planning Commission. The Planning Department staff will assign a tentative hearing date when your application is complete.  Regular Planning Commission meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month.

What fees must I pay?

You must pay an application fee. You may also be required to pay fees for consultants the City may be required to hire to process your application.

What’s the next step in this process?

Obtain a Sign Permit application packet from the Planning Department. The packet explains the general procedures for applying for a permit, fees, and other related matters. The application must be completed by a registered architect, registered civil engineer, licensed land surveyor, professional planner, or yourself and have notarized signature by the property owner or owners.

You should also review the section of the City Zoning Ordinance that regulates the uses permitted in the zone in which your project is located (a Planner can help you identify which section of the ordinance you need). After you have become familiar with these documents, we recommend you prepare some very preliminary plans and bring them to the Planning Department counter so that staff can review them.

If you are new to Weed or unfamiliar with the permit system you may also wish to make an appointment to meet with staff who can explain the permit system, the different agencies involved and the various costs and requirements. Schedule your Pre Application Meeting by calling (530)938-5020.